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Transform your waste management with the Eco-Growth Organic Reactor

Wet Waste Dehydration System

EGOR is an innovative technology that can efficiently process organic waste, turning it into clean, renewable energy. By using EGOR, businesses and individuals can reduce their environmental impact and save money on waste disposal costs. 

At AXIS we are here to help you with the solutions you need. 

EGOR Benefits

1 / Transportation

The EGOR dehydration system reduces waste weight by over 80%, which would reduce commercial waste disposal transportation costs significantly.

2 / Disposal

Egor's technology can help save money on waste disposal costs by reducing the weight of their organic waste. This is accomplished by the dehydration process, which eliminates the need for redundant transport and makes it easier to recycle and repurpose organic materials.

3 / Carbon Credits

The EGOR dehydration system is approved offset technology that can help your company earn carbon credits by reducing its carbon emissions. By using this technology, you can quantifiably reduce your carbon footprint, which can be monetized through the sale of carbon credits. This can provide a significant financial benefit to your company, while also supporting efforts to combat climate change and protect the environment. 

Product Demonstration

EGOR Dehydrator Clients
  • EGOR 218
    Wet Waste Capacity (16 hr Cycle): 150 lbs. Energy Required (kWh): 32kw Energy Produced (kWh): 100kw Unit Footprint (w•d•h): 52” • 29” • 70”
  • EGOR 1018
    Wet Waste Capacity (16 hr Cycle): 750 lbs. Energy Required (kWh): 87kw Energy Produced (kWh): 253kw Unit Footprint (w•d•h): 154” • 38” • 68”
  • EGOR 1224
    Wet Waste Capacity (16 hr Cycle): 1,500 lbs. Energy Required (kWh): 90kw Energy Produced (kWh): 600kw Unit Footprint (w•d•h): 186” • 44” • 72”

Our Promise

Axis Environmental provides solutions that not only benefit the environment but cut unnecessary costs to our clients.

Our team will manage the transport, installation, training, and maintenance of your Axis Products. All products come with a 1-year warranty.

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